Blue Jay #2 Blue Jay #1 Fancy Finch Fat Finch
  Flighty Finch Nuthatch Titmouse Black-capped Chickadee
  Female Baltimore Oriole Considering Finch Fussy Finch Common Grackle
  Zinnia Thief #2 Baltimore Oriole Baltimore Oriole Crow, Blacker Than Ever
  Crow Grinned Flying the Black Flag of Himself A  Black Rainbow Male Cardinal
  Male Cardinal Red-Winged Blackbird Chickadee Cocking Goldfinch

  Gawking Goldfinch Blue Jay Baltimore Oriole Baltimore Oriole
  Puffy Goldfinch Red-Winged Blackbird Red-Winged Blackbird Blue Jay
  Crow Goldfinch Zinnia Thief Goldfinch Zinnia Thief 2 Towhee
  Towhee Towhee Watchful Goldfinch Cardinal Fledgling
  Red Headed Woodpecker Blue Jay Baltimore Oriole North American Cardinal
  North American Cardinal Baltimore Oriole American Goldfinch Northern American Cardinal
  American Goldfinch Eastern Bluebird American Goldfinch American Goldfinch
  Eastern Bluebird Eastern Bluebird Baltimore Oriole Great Blue Heron
  Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron Great White Egret Yellow Warbler
  Female Northern Cardinal Male Northern Cardinal Black Capped Chickadees American Crow
  American Crow American Goldfinch #4 Great Blue Heron #4 American Goldfinch #7